What Are Some Ways to Remove Salt Stains From a Car Windshield?

To remove salt stains from a car windshield, apply a solution of equal parts water and vinegar to the surface, and then wipe off. If desired, rinse the windshield and hood with plain water to remove all traces of the cleaning solution and salt.

  1. Prepare the solution

    Fill a spray bottle halfway with vinegar, and then dilute it with an equal amount of water. Though this dilution of vinegar should not harm the car's finish, having additional water to rinse off any runoff may be advisable.

  2. Apply the solution to the windshield

    Apply the solution densely enough to dissolve the salt on the windshield. Let the solution remain on the windshield for a minute or so.

  3. Remove the solution and dissolved salt

    Wipe off the solution with paper towels. If desired, the windshield and hood may be rinsed with clear water.