What Are Some Ways to Identify a Dodge Ram Transmission?


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Some ways to identify the Dodge Ram transmission include checking on the driver's side for a clutch pedal, going to the car's hood and looking for a transmission fluid container and going through the car's manual. These steps make the process of identifying the transmission easy, and it does not matter whether the person has mechanical knowledge or not.

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Go to the driver's side, and locate the clutch pedal. If the clutch pedal exists, it's an indication that the car's Dodge Ram transmission is manual. On the other hand, if the car does not have a clutch pedal, the person should know that the car's transmission is automatic.

Open the car's hood, and see whether there is a transmission fluid container. If the fluid container exists, look for a plate that is adjacent to the container, and get the car's transmission information. The information can help you locate the car's Dodge Ram transmission. If you cannot locate the plate, he can consider seeking the services of a professional.

Reading the car's user manual can help you locate the transmission information. Every car has a user manual, and you should keep it in a safe place for future reference. If you lose the manual, go to the manufacturer, and get a copy the car's manual.

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