What Are Some Ways to Fix a Broken Car Door Handle?

To fix a broken car door handle, a replacement is necessary, so find a replacement handle, and remove the inner door panel, waterproofing paper and connections. This allows the old handle to come out before installing the new handle.

Car handles are model specific, so ensure that the handle for the make and model is available. Begin the replacement by checking for bolts or screws in the door panel. Plastic clips, bolts or screws may hold this panel in place. If there are no bolts, apply steady pressure to the panel to remove it, as the clips snap away. Some models may have waterproofing paper in the handle area, and if there is paper present, remove it.

There are also connections to the existing door hands, so make sure to note where the connections are when removing the handle, as these connections must go in the same place when installing the new handle. For assistance with disconnecting and reconnecting the links, a breakdown manual is necessary.

Unbolt the old handle and remove it, placing the new handle into the same place. Bolt it into place using the same configuration as the old handle. Reconnect all of the mechanisms, and then test that the handles work several times. When both the handle and the latch seem functional, place the door panel back into place, and then use a rubber mallet with a towel to tap down the clips.