What Are Some Ways to Dispose of a Broken-Down Vehicle?


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One way to dispose of a non-functioning vehicle is to sell it to a junkyard, salvage yard or private buyer. Alternatively, an owner can sell the car for parts, either as a whole or by allowing buyers to choose the parts they need from the car. The person selling the car must be the title owner prior to the sale.

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Sellers can contact local junkyards and salvage yards to determine which offers the best rates for the car in question. Researching the value of the car prior to contacting a salvage yard helps the seller know the worth of the vehicle before bargaining with the buyer. The seller should note any damage to the vehicle to get an accurate quote.

Most junkyards come to the seller’s home to tow non-functioning cars back to their places of business. Some may require that the seller tow the vehicle to them.

To sell a car for parts, the seller can list the car on sites such as Craigslist.org. The seller can choose to offer the whole car or to allow buyers to choose which parts they wish to buy. Working parts, including the engine, drive shaft, braking system and transmission, bring the most money, although other parts are also in demand. Once the usable parts sell, the seller can junk the frame at a salvage yard for additional cash.

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