What Are Some Ways to Customize Your Car?


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Ways to customize a car include replacing the rims, installing high-shine door trim and tinting the windows. Some customizations are designed to improve performance, such as an upgraded engine, a new clutch or a carbon fiber hood. Other changes, such as custom paint jobs and interior dash covers, alter the appearance of the car.

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Many vehicle customizations are cosmetic. New wheels with polished rims make a strong visual impact. A custom paint job, from small racing stripes to a full-coverage color, alters the car's appearance dramatically. Other aesthetic customizations include new headlights, replacement tail lights and dual exhaust pipes.

Drivers have numerous options for interior customization. Replacement steering wheels can create a more comfortable grip, give the car a luxury look and add a convenient dock for a smart phone. Manufacturers also make replacement shifters that come with built-in lights and multiple color options. For a dramatic interior change, drivers can reupholster the seats in leather, replace the dashboard with a custom dash cover or install colorful carpet and mats.

Performance customizations change the way the car operates. A more powerful engine offers added speed, while a new spoiler reduces drag. A custom suspension can raise the vehicle to provide more clearance or lower it for a sportier look.

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