What Are Some Ways to Check How Many Gallons Are Left in an Oil Tank?


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If the oil tank does not have a gauge, the owner can measure the amount inside the tank to determine how much oil is left. To do this, the owner will need a measuring stick and a pen and paper for calculations.

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To measure the oil in the tank, the owner should take a long measuring stick or yard stick and lower it slowly in the tank. It is vital to ensure the stick does not fall or drop. If the car owner is worried about this, he or she should drill a hole into the topstick and tie string around it. Wrapping it around the wrist provides extra security from drops.

After the stick reaches the bottom of the tank, it should be pulled out and marked where the oil ends.

After measuring, the owner must determine the size of the tank. This can be done by calculating weight x height x length. This calculation will provide the number of gallons that the tank is capable of holding. After determining the size, the tank capacity can be divided by the height of the tank. This number is then multiplied by the number of inches of oil left in the tank to provide the owner with the number of gallons remaining.

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