What Is the Best Way to Sell Used Tires?


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The best way tot sell used tires depends on how many tires the seller has, the type of tire and the time she wants to commit to the sale process. Depending on these factors, the seller either sells the tires to a local retreading store or directly to buyers online.

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What Is the Best Way to Sell Used Tires?
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One of the most common ways a person sells used tires is privately to consumers through eBay, Craigslist or Sell My Tires. These websites allow users to create classified ads or auction listings for used tires and deal directly with the buyer. Craigslist and Sell My Tires feature communication options that allow the buyer and seller to make outside arrangements to inspect the tires and process payments, while eBay gives sellers the option to receive payment directly through the site. These are ideal for sellers with less time who want to be less involved in the process, as they choose which buyers to deal with and when to post the ads.

Another option is selling the used tires to a retreading shop, which is a business that repairs used tires and sells them at the shop or to other automotive and tire stores. This requires finding a store, taking the tires to the location and negotiating a price.

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