What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of an RV Trailer for Free?

Good ways to get rid of an RV trailer for free include finding a local vehicle recycling program and listing it in a classified ad. There are many free classified ads online that accommodate free item giveaways, including Craigslist.

Check to see if the city or county has a vehicle recycling program. Many of these programs accept larger vehicles, such as RVs. This is the best option if the RV isn’t running or needs a lot of work and would be difficult to sell. Recycling programs often pick up RVs with tow trucks, though others require drop-off at their recycling locations. Recycling programs sometimes use RVs for parts and strip them before recycling the metal bodies. Others work on RVs and sell them at auction.

Craigslist is a good option if the RV trailer is still in working condition but not quite good enough to sell. Find the closest location on Craigslist, and click Post on the left side to post the ad. Enter details about the RV, including why it is being given away for free, whether it runs and what type of work needs to be done on it. Include photos and information about how it can be picked up.