What Is the Way to Replace the Lost Paper Part of a Driving License?

Each state has its own way of dealing with lost or damaged certifications, in accordance with its respective Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). However, the replacement process usually entails making an appointment at a local DMV office, filling out a form, often a DL 44, and providing identification. In addition, a small replacement fee is charged.

When dealing with DMV certifications, it is important to remember that all paper documents are allowed to be made into duplicates for record purposes. With that in mind, it is recommended to make a few copies of all DMV paperwork, and keep the original hard copy at home in a file cabinet. Officers will usually accept a re-print when asking for identification.

Of course, if the document is lost, it is paramount to get it back as quickly as possible. Driving without a license is a crime, and people caught doing so by law enforcement are penalized accordingly. AAA offices also offer replacement services to members, an important point to keep in mind.

Driver's license replacement fees vary depending on state regulations. However, senior citizens are not charged, and reduced-fee IDs are usually also available at any given DMV.