What Is the Way to Replace a Ford Focus Headlight?

>Replacing a Ford Focus headlight requires disconnecting the battery, loosening the assembly and replacing the bulb from the housing. The process requires standard hand tools and a minor understanding of the car's electrical system.

When a headlight gets damaged the view at night will be obstructed. Water can also get into the housing and cause further electrical damage to its components. Replacement will require the housing to come off of the car and be sealed back in. The following instructions explain how to safely do so.

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. The headlight will still be receiving power from the battery, disconnect it to avoid shock.

  3. Locate the housing
  4. Find the back of the housing in the engine compartment. Once found disconnect the electrical connectors.

  5. Remove the mounting screws
  6. The mounting screws are mounted through the top of the engine compartment. Loosen them and pull the headlight housing outwards.

  7. Inspect replacement headlight
  8. Before installing the new unit inspect it to ensure the fitment will be correct.

  9. Install the headlight
  10. Properly align the headlight into it's position. Screw the headlight into place.

  11. Install new bulbs
  12. Before connecting the harness install a new bulb. Then reconnect the harness from the car.

  13. Check the seal
  14. The headlight has a rubber seal around it. Be sure the seal stays in place as it protects the electrical connections from getting wet.

  15. Reconnect the battery
  16. Reconnect the battery and test out the light.