What Is the Best Way to Remove Window Tinting on a Car?


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To remove tint from a car's window, a new scraper blade is used to remove the film from the inside of the window. Next, dishwashing detergent, water and steel wool are used to scrub away the adhesive left behind.

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The first step in removing tint is to remove the tinted film from the inside of the glass. This is started easily from the corner of one of window, and the film may come off in one large sheet. Use a 1- to 2-inch scraper with a new blade to do this, as an old blade may scratch the glass. In some cases, the film may not come off in one big sheet, and the scraper can be used to remove smaller pieces. When the film is removed, use a spray bottle filled with warm water and dishwashing detergent to soak the adhesive, then scrape away the adhesive with the scraper. Fine steel wool also may be used here to remove adhesive.

On back windows with defrosters, it is imperative that the film come off in one large sheet to avoid damaging the mechanism. Seal a garbage bag all around the edges of the window using tape, and spray detergent all over the film. Let this sit in the sun for at least 15 minutes. The film should be removed easily in one sheet.

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