What Is the Way Program a Toyota Remote?

Programming a Toyota remote is a process that requires the programmer to follow some simple steps that involve the ignition switch, the driver's door, the remote and the master door lock switch. Before commencing the programming process, the door of the driver should be open and unlocked, and the key should not be in the ignition.

There are a number of steps to follow in order to program a Toyota remote:

  1. The key should be inserted and pulled out of the ignition switch.
  2. The master door lock switch should be pressed five times.
  3. The driver's door should be closed then opened.
  4. Again, the master door lock should be pressed five times.
  5. The key should be inserted into the ignition switch and turned on for the purpose of selecting the mode of programming.
  6. The lock and unlock buttons on the remote should be pressed simultaneously for about 1.5 seconds, after which either of the buttons should be pressed for about 1 second.
  8. After this, the lock and the unlock operation should be performed automatically by the ECU, confirming that it has been successfully stored.
  9. The pressing of the lock and unlock buttons should be repeated on all remotes to ensure that each ECU stores the lock and unlock program.
  10. Finally, the driver's door should be shut, and all the remotes should be tested one at a time to ensure that each remote is working.