What Is the Way to Program a Nissan Remote?

Most Nissan models from 1995 onward follow similar steps to program a new remote, utilizing the new remote, the car's keys and about 5 minutes of time. It should be noted that Nissan models with keyless ignition systems using the company's Intelligent Key System or models using a combination remote and key cannot be programmed in the same way.

Most Nissan remotes, however, are programmable simply and quickly by inserting the key into the ignition cylinder at least six times within 10 seconds. The key should be inserted again, the ignition cylinder turned to the "ACC" position and any button on the remote must be pushed within 5 seconds. Additional remotes can be programmed after unlocking and locking the doors using the driver's side controls, then pushing any button on the additional remote within 5 seconds. The car's hazard lights will flash when each step is performed correctly.