What Is the Way to Program Car Alarms?

Programming a car alarm is a simple task that involves a few steps: locking the doors of the car, turning the key to the right for two clicks while in the ignition, pressing the override button five times, pressing the lock button and finally testing the remote. Car alarms normally come with an instruction manual, which should be read carefully before starting the programming process.

The first task should be reading the instruction manual and following it. However, if the manual is not available, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Shut and lock the doors of the car.
  3. The key should be inserted into the ignition and turned to the right for two clicks.
  4. If there is an override button on the car alarm fob, it should be pressed five times within 8 seconds.
  5. The next step should be pressing the Lock button, meaning that the remote has been programmed.
  6. Finally, every button on the remote should be tested to ensure that the remote is functioning properly.
  7. If one of the buttons is not working, the whole process of programming should be repeated. If, after three attempts, the remote does not respond positively, the programming process should be stopped and a mechanic consulted. This is because the alarm may get damaged or some safety lock-out features may be triggered.