What Is the Best Way to Learn the Meaning of Traffic Signs?


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One of the best ways to learn the meaning of traffic signs is to watch as many online videos as possible. YouTube is one such platform where a learner may watch slides of the traffic signs and learn them by heart.

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Interactive lessons to learn traffic signs may also be taken online at theaa.com. This platform fields 10 questions to which a learner should provide answers. At the end of the test, the reader accesses the scores and reviews the correct answers. In fact, some online resources have sounds with the meaning of each traffic sign.

Reading the driver’s handbook provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles thoroughly is a sure way of learning traffic signs and their meanings. Failure to learn the traffic signs and road rules means a learner is not qualified to get a driver’s license. Common traffic signs include speed limit signs and signs indicating where a driver should stop or shouldn’t hoot.

Other driving aspects that one may learn from the online sources are driving rules, safety precautions and practical lessons. A student learns basic road rules, such as fastening a safety belt, using the proper lane, obeying zebra crossings and using the driving mirrors.

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