What Is the Way to Know If a Car's Water Pump Is Leaking?

A car owner will know if the car's water pump is leaking if the cooling system constantly loses coolant. Another indication of a leaky water pump is an overheating engine.

The first step in determining the overheating or loss of coolant is for owner's to inspect all aspects of the water pump and radiator, including the hoses. If it is determined that the leak is coming from the water pump, several issues can cause this problem.

A bad seal is one main cause of water pump leaks and this can be caused by dirt or debris entering the water pump. Time can also cause the seals to wear down. When a seal becomes damaged, it is often vital to replace the water pump.

Corrosion and aging can cause the internal mechanisms of a water pump to fail and this is fairly common as the car ages. Even if the water pump does not leak, it can begin to fail which reduces the amount of coolant getting to the engine. If the water pump begins to fail or leak for any reason, it should be replaced. Driving with a bad water pump can cause catastrophic engine damage if it overheats to dangerous temperatures.