What Is the Best Way to Buy Old Cars on EBay?


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To buy a used car on eBay, review the fraud guarantee, buy from a licensed auto dealer and have the car shipped. It is a good idea to buy a car with some remaining factory warranty for the best result.

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Review the fraud guarantee before bidding on a used car, and decide on an amount on top of the guarantee that can be lost without any major repercussions. This is meant to protect buyers from potential financial problems in the unlikely event that they are dealing with a fraud.

Next, purchase a used vehicle from an auto dealer or wholesaler. Such sellers tend to be diligent and professional during every step of the transaction. They are also much easier to trace and hold accountable for any problems with the purchase. Ask if the car has been smoked in if this is a potential deal breaker.

Finally, opt to have the car shipped when buying out-of-state. This is especially important for people with valuable time. Getting the car shipped is less of a hustle and avoids mechanical problems along the way. Many eBay dealers have networks with shippers and are able to offer good shipping rates. A factory warranty on the vehicle is preferred, although some states have an implied drive-train warranty.

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