How Do You Wax a Car With a Buffer?

To wax your car with a buffer, start by washing the car and drying it thoroughly, then apply a small amount of wax to the car, spreading it with the applicator attachment slowly until it covers the entire car. Once the wax dries, use the buffer attachment to fully buff the wax to a sparkling shine. The entire job, including washing, takes less than an afternoon, and requires washing supplies, an electric buffer and car wax.

  1. Work in the shade

    Park the car out of the sun before beginning the work. Hot metal from sunlight causes the wax to dry too quickly and can damage the finish.

  2. Start with a clean car

    Wash the car before applying wax. Grime left on the vehicle before buffing can cause scratches in the vehicle's clear coat and paint.

  3. Apply the wax

    Attach the wax applicator over the buffer pad. Apply a small amount of wax to the vehicle and begin by using the buffer to spread the wax without turning on the machine. Turn on the machine and proceed slowly to prevent slinging wax on to other surfaces or yourself. Allow the buffer to work at its own speed and do the work. Avoid applying more pressure than is provided by the weight of the buffer. Allow the wax to dry to a haze.

  4. Buff the car to a shine

    Remove the wax application bonnet. Turn on the buffer and gently apply the pad to the car. Avoid working in circles and work with the flow of the metal.