What Do the Warning Lights Mean on a Dodge Truck?


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There are a number of warning lights that may appear on a Dodge truck. Some of them, such as the check engine light, may indicate work is needed on the truck but is not typically dangerous. If the light begins to flash, it is much more serious.

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Some Dodge trucks have a tire pressure warning light, which means tire pressure is low, but if the light is flashing, driving on the tires could cause damage. Another light a driver may see on a Dodge truck is the oil change light. This light is simply a reminder to change the oil, but if the oil pressure warning light comes on, the truck should not be driven as extreme engine damage could occur.

If the charging system light comes on, it shows the driver that the charging system isn't working correctly and the battery may die quickly. The windshield wiper fluid light may also come on to show the driver the reservoir is low. Other lights that may illuminate on a Dodge truck that potentially indicate serious problems include the coolant temperature warning light, transmission temperature warning light, brake system warning light and ABS fault light, which indicates an issue with the anti-lock braking system. Other lights a person may see include the traction control light and cruise control light.

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