Why Is the Warlocks Motorcycle Club Infamous?


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The Warlocks Motorcycle Club that was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1967 is infamous for being a one-percenter outlaw motorcycle gang involved in drug trafficking, kidnappings, beatings and murders. The club is one of the most notorious and dangerous outlaw motorcycle gangs in America. The Warlocks' insignia is a red and white Harpy from Roman mythology with the body of a bird and the face of a woman. There is a lesser known unaffiliated Warlocks club based in Florida.

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The Warlocks Motorcycle Club was founded during the Vietnam War, and its growth was fueled by returning veterans. The gang expanded its chapters throughout Pennsylvania and into Delaware and New Jersey as well.

In 1995, Warlocks Charles Staples and Robert Simon had just committed a robbery when they were pulled over for a routine traffic stop. Simon shot the officer twice in the head, killing him instantly. Simon was sentenced to death but was killed in a prison brawl before he could be executed.

In 2008, Operation Underground was a sting run by the Pennsylvania Attorney General that broke up a methamphetamine production and distribution facility, allegedly run by the Warlocks in Berks County. The Attorney General claimed that the meth lab was responsible for distributing over $9 million worth of the drug, although no Warlocks were arrested at the time.

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