What Are Wakeboarding Boats?


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A wakeboarding boat is a vessel designed with technology that enhances the water sport of wakeboarding. These boats allow wakeboarders to perform impressive tricks, flips and jumps by creating large, powerful wakes using a combination of engine, ballast, hydrofoil and hull technologies.

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The unique inboard "V-drive" engines of these vessels are placed in the rear of a wakeboarding boat. These engines create powerful wakes due to their placement and ability to multiply the torque. Wakeboarding boats also employ hydrofoil technology using a wedge or plate system and hulls that are specifically designed to produce dramatic wakes by agitating the water behind the boat. These boats also feature a ballast tank that weighs the boat down and lowers the stern to create even larger wakes. Wakeboarding boats are typically between 16 and 28 feet long and seat up to 17 people.

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