What Do VW Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

Red VW dashboard lights mean to stop, yellow means that action is required and green dashboard lights are informational. The lights are coded with meanings similar in importance to a stop sign.

All dashboard lights should be addressed by a qualified mechanic. The Volkswagen company has added color coding to help drivers interpret the severity of the mechanical issue in question for each light.

Red dashboard lights on a VW warn of problems with the brake system and cooling system, or of a problem with the oil pressure or power steering system. Problems with air bags and seat belts also give off red warning lights, as does anything ajar and any problem with the ignition system or battery.

Yellow dashboard lights on a VW mean something mechanical needs to be checked on the car, and it is important, but probably not important enough to require stopping immediately. Examples of yellow light issues include low tires, thinning brake pads and burned-out brake lights.

Green dashboard lights remind drivers of the car's functions. For example, the cruise control light reminds drivers the cruise control has been activated. The brake pedal light reminds drivers to press the brake pedal before shifting the car into gear, and the green lane assist light comes on when the lane assist function has been activated.