How Do the Volvo Salvage Yards Operate?


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Volvo salvage yards take used or run-down Volvo cars and take as many working parts out as possible for re-sale. The first step for cars in Volvo salvage yards is draining the cars of fuel, engine oil and all other fluids.

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Among the other items removed from the vehicle are the tires, the battery and the gas tank. The next step in the Volvo salvage yard process is to evaluate the parts and decide whether their conditions indicate that they should be recycled, warehoused or repaired and then warehoused. If the part(s) are deemed worthy to be sold, then they are transported to a facility such as Erie Vo-Vo for resale. In addition, another common practice in the Volvo salvage yards (among others) is to simply repair the vehicle and sell it as used or manufacturer refurbished if the damage is limited.

These businesses exist because there are numerous people who are willing to purchase genuine used Volvo parts with the knowledge that they may not be as efficient or have a shorter lifespan as new Volvo parts. The buyers might be buying the parts to fix up their own cars if Volvo has discontinued the production of certain critical elements for older vehicles.

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