What Are Some Volvo Engine Codes?


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Volvo engine codes depend on the year of the vehicle and include A1132, which is a fault in the transmission in a 1992 to 1995 Volvo or P0496, which indicates that the evaporative emission system signal is too high in Volvos made in 1999 or newer. To obtain an engine code on a Volvo, put the key in the ignition, and then move the key to position II so that the engine doesn't run.

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Open the hood, and locate the two diagnostic sockets, which are near the washer fill cap. The A-connection should have a jumper, which the individual should use to connect the code reader. The person should push the black button on the reader and then read the lights that appear. The sequence of flashing lights gives an indication of the issue when looking the numbers up on a chart.

There are several areas of the vehicle that a code reader may report on including the transmission, climate control, fuel system, cruise control and brake system. Owners with a Volvo from 1999 or newer may use the on-board diagnostic feature of the vehicle, which features even more codes than a typical code reader. The typical code reader can only produce codes that report problems with the emissions system.

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