Where Are Some Volkswagen Camper Van Retailers in the USA?

Retailers do not sell new Volkswagen camper vans in the United States, as of 2015. Although the 2015 Volkswagen California T6 is sold in Europe, only used models are available from dealers such as Pop Top Heaven or online vendor AutoTrader Classics.

Volkswagen of America stopped sales of camper vans to the United States market in 2003 in favor of sports utility vehicles. A high price point, small market share and the lack of a need for smaller vehicles in the United States impacts the company's ongoing decision.

Pop Top Heaven is a business located in Yucaipa, California carrying an inventory of older Volkswagen models, such as the Weekender, the Eurovan and the Vanagon. The company buys well-maintained vehicles and performs restoration to ensure the campers are 100-percent functional before resale. The recovery process includes inspection, vehicle repair, Volkswagen scheduled maintenance, camping component replacement and refinishing. Cleaning all surfaces completes the process.

AutoTrader Classics compiles camper van sales information from sources, including automobile auctions and private owners. The company offers a comparison function for up to three vehicles on its website.

Camper van rentals are an alternative to purchasing. Companies such as Vintage Surfari Wagons and California Campers rent in the United States. Westfalia Rentals of Victoria, British Columbia caters to the Seattle market.