How Do You Find a Volkswagen Camper?

Volkswagen camper vans can be located at several different sources, including directly on site at a local dealer and online at the official Volkswagen website. Other resale sites, such as eBay, also offer campers when the items are put up for sale by users. Availability can be checked online at the site by searching for Volkswagen camper vans.

Follow the directions below for locating a camper at the Volkswagen website.

  1. Search for a camper
  2. The newest and best conditioned camper vans by Volkswagen can be bought new on the Volkswagen site by searching for the specific camper desired or simply by browsing under the tab labeled camper vans.

  3. Choose a style
  4. Different models and sizes can be purchased depending on need and the location in which the van will be put to use, the size of the family intending to stay in the van and the length of the trip. Different models offer different floor plans and levels of luxury.

  5. Choose a model
  6. Newer models, such as the 2016 California Camper Van, can be found online on official sites and at dealerships specifically for Volkswagens, but older models dating back to the 1950s bus-style campers will be more likely found at resale sites or from individual sellers and pre-owned dealers in the specific area in question.