How Do You Find the VIN Number of a Car If You Know the Owner?

To find the VIN number of a car with the owner's name, use a reverse look-up service such as That's Them, which typically only requires the full name of the vehicle owner. To obtain more accurate results, precise information, such as a physical address, phone number or email address, may be necessary.

If the owner of the vehicle is known, That's Them provides the year, make, model and VIN number of automobiles associated with a particular name. Additional research may be necessary to validate the accuracy of information obtained from search results, as That's Them states in their terms and conditions that information returned by the service is not authoritative.

VIN numbers are used by the automotive industry to identify a vehicle's specifications, manufacturer and other features. A VIN number search can also reveal information about a car's previous owners and how the car was previously treated. While a VIN number by itself may not be sufficient to determine the complete history of a vehicle, it will typically allow anyone to check for mechanical issues, warranty claims, recalls or previous accidents. Full vehicle history reports often have an associated cost, even if the owner's name and the VIN number of the vehicle are provided.