Who Makes Venezia Tires?

Venezia Tires is a private-branded label made in China. The tires are manufactured for, sold and distributed exclusively by American Omni Trading Company, an international import/export company that is based in Houston, Texas.

Venezia tires are backed by a full manufacturer's warranty, provided by the Chinese company that manufactures them. In addition, American Omni Trading Company carries product liability insurance for all of its products. The warranty covers only the initial purchaser and is not transferable.

There are three models listed on the American Omni Trading Company website: Crusade HP/SUV, Crusade SXT and Crossroad XT. The only warranty noted is for the SXT, which includes a 60,000-mile warranty and a one-year, prorated, road hazard warranty. As with any brand, there are numerous exclusions that are not covered under the road hazard warranty, so it pays to research before buying.