What Vehicles Are Towable Behind a Motorhome?


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Recreational vehicle owners seeking information about vehicles suitable for recreational towing should check the owner's manual, advises Family Motor Coach Association. Many RV owners choose cars, trucks and SUVs compatible with four wheels down towing. Motor Home features downloadable dinghy guides at its website.

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What Vehicles Are Towable Behind a Motorhome?
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The mechanics of dinghy towing is simple and involves attaching a tow bar to the RV and hooking up the vehicle, so that it rolls behind the RV. Electronic transmissions and other advances, such as part-time four-wheel drive, make it harder to pick the right type of towing vehicle. Car dealerships are another place to find towing-approved vehicles. Car manufacturers commonly send dealership service managers technical information about car models, including facts about towing capabilities. Another concern is whether a base plate is available for the vehicle, because base plates are required to safely tow using the tow bar method.

It is possible to tow vehicles not on the approved towing list by using devices such as driveshaft decouplers or transmission lubrication pumps, notes Edmunds.com. These add-ons are expensive and tricky to use. If not installed correctly, add-ons cause damage to the vehicle as it's being towed. Several states require towed vehicles to have auxiliary brake systems that work smoothly with a motor home's braking system.

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