What Vehicles Have a Mikuni Carburettor?


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Mikuni carburetors are found in racing vehicles and scooters from brands such as Honda, Toyota and Suzuki. Mikuni is considered to be a leading Japanese carburetor manufacturing company and has been incorporated since 1948.

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Mikuni Power is predominantly famous for their Solex carburetors which are used in many different types of Japanese automobiles. Solex was initially a French stand-alone company that sold licensing rights to Mikuni to help further advance their carburetor designs.

Although the use of carburetors has declined in automobiles, Mikuni has continued to produce them in scooters, mopeds, motorcycles and boats. Unless the unit is an OEM replacement, their aftermarket line of carburetors are meant for off-road and race-type environments. All new aftermarket carburetors are sold with an notice that they should be properly installed by a certified race mechanic.

The most famous line of carburetors introduced by Mikuni was the PHH series. The PHH series was developed from the Solex carburetor base design. Its improvements involved areas of both fuel economy and performance. The PHH series was considered the top-shelf carburetor choice until the late 1990s. Production of the PHH series ceased during the development for fuel-injection systems and can no longer be ordered. However, Mikuni still continues to sell whatever left over stock they have of these parts.

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