What Vehicles Are Most Likely to Include Diesel Motors?


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Vehicles that include diesel motors are models manufactured by Jeep, Chevrolet, Ford, Audi and BMW. Some Mercedes Benz, Dodge, Porsche and Volkswagen models also run on diesels. These models include passenger cars and trucks.

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Diesel motors are an option among several automakers, as they are an alternative to gasoline, hybrid and electric vehicles when reliably achieving good fuel mileage is the goal. While trucks were once among the vehicles most likely to include a diesel motor option, many passenger sedans and coupes offer a diesel option as of 2015.

Among popular 2015-2016 models of diesel cars and trucks are the Audi A series cars, manufactured by Volkswagen Group. Models start at the bottom-line A3, move up to the mid-range A6, A7, and finally the larger A8, along with the Q5 and Q7 SUVs. Volkswagen also sells five diesel model cars under that name and markets a diesel SUV, the Touareg TDI.

BMW offers three sizes of sedan, two sizes of SUV, and even a wagon with diesel motors. Chevrolet offers the Cruze entry-level diesel car, and diesel options in its pickups. Dodge Ram trucks include a diesel option, as do Ford trucks. Jeep has the Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel, and Mercedes has four diesel cars. Porsche offers its Cayenne with a diesel motor.

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