What Are Some Vehicles That Can Be Towed by an RV?


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Vehicles that can be towed by an RV on all four wheels and without a trailer include Saturn and Jeep vehicles. There are other vehicles that can be towed by an RV, but many of them have certain restrictions.

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What Are Some Vehicles That Can Be Towed by an RV?
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Saturn and Jeep vehicles are popular vehicles for towing by an RV because they don't require a trailer and have simple instructions for towing. In general, the best vehicles for towing are ones that can be towed with all four wheels on the ground, are considered a lightweight vehicle, and don't register miles while being towed. The lighter the vehicle, the less wear and tear to the RV and its towing system.

Other vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Tahoe, Dodge Durango and Buick Regal, can be towed, but with restrictions. Only a Tahoe with a automatic transmission can be towed. In addition, only Chevrolet Tahoes with a two-speed transfer case that can shift to neutral position, and that have a four-wheel drive low setting, can be towed. The negative battery cable must be disconnected before towing.

Dodge Durangoes also must have an automatic transmission to be towed, and they must have a single-speed transfer case. In contrast, RVs can only tow Buick Regals that have manual transmissions, and the Buick Regal's engine must be running for five minutes before towing, and for five minutes at each gasoline stop during the trip.

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