What Does a VehicleOne Warranty Cover?

The VehicleOne basic warranty provides powertrain coverage and covers components in the transmission and transfer case, drive axle and engine assembly groups. Upgraded policies are available that offer additional coverage, notes Ally Financial.

The next level of warranty coverage is the major warranty. In addition to providing the coverage offered in the basic warranty, the major warranty also covers steering, fuel system, cooling and brake components, according to Ally Financial. The next upgraded plan option, the select warranty, provides additional coverage for electrical components, air conditioning and heating components. This warranty also provides coverage for front and rear suspension components.

The premium warranty is the highest level of coverage available through VehicleOne. Under this plan, there are certain costs that are excluded from coverage. One such exclusion is the cost of routine parts and maintenance, such as fees for alignments and tune-ups, explains Ally Financial. Appearance items such as tires and upholstery are not covered under this warranty. Select other items such as carburetors, circuit breakers and brake rotors are also not eligible for coverage.

Customers have the option to purchase add-on packages to increase a warranty's coverage, reports Ally Financial. With the luxury electronics package, drivers obtain coverage for car electronics including DVD players, reverse sensors and satellite radios. The high-tech add-on package provides coverage for high-tech electronic components such as oxygen sensors, cruise control modules and ignition coils. The high-tech add-on package is only available for vehicles with fewer than 100,000 miles at the time the warranty is purchased. Add-on packages are also available to provide coverage for seals and gaskets, and to cover the cost of repairs due to normal wear and tear.