How Do You Find Vehicle Salvage Parts?


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To find vehicle salvage parts, start by writing down the year, make, model and VIN of the vehicle that needs the parts; then go to local salvage yards, and follow the yard's procedure for finding parts, such as putting down a deposit or filling out paperwork. Alternately, search local newspapers or online classified sites for parts or parts and dealers.

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Some of the best parts to purchase used are nonelectric, nonmechanical parts that do not wear down over time. If possible, take the part from your car that is being replaced to help find the right replacement. When searching local papers or advertisements, look for businesses who sell used auto parts or buy used junk vehicles. Some businesses advertise the vehicles or parts they have for sale in print. Online classified sites, auction sites and used car part vendor sites are great resources that list salvage yards, individual parts and vehicles of all kinds.

Call ahead before visiting a local yard to learn what the yard's policies are. Some salvage yards do not charge a deposit or require any paperwork up front, allowing customers to pull parts off of any vehicle in the yard at a discount. The yards that enforce a deposit system refund the deposit once the part being replaced is brought into the yard. Many yards rebuild defective parts or get some return on the materials of the part.

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