What Is a Vehicle Safety Inspection Form?

What Is a Vehicle Safety Inspection Form?

A vehicle safety inspection form is the document a vehicle safety inspector uses to record whether or not a vehicle's electrical, mechanical and physical components are consistent with minimum safety requirements. Actual forms and layouts differ from inspector to inspector.

The vehicle safety inspection form contains lists of categories and items pertaining to systems within a car, such as the brake system and steering. Any system, subsystem or component within a car whose disrepair compromises the safety of the driver, other motorists and the highway atmosphere also appears on the safety checklist.

Depending on the inspector, vehicle safety inspections last nine to 15 minutes. The inspector often asks the driver and passengers to exit the vehicle so as to properly check the brakes. The inspector then notes a satisfactory or unsatisfactory result on the vehicle safety inspection form under the proper category or item, usually via check marks within pass or fail columns.

Similarly, vehicle safety inspection forms refer to the annual report card to which commercial vehicle owners must subject their vehicles as per United States Department of Transportation safety guidelines. Vehicle inspection forms for commercial trucks closely resemble passenger vehicle safety inspection forms, with pass and fail columns for recording the fitness of brake and steering systems. Generic versions are available online at Iowa80.com.

The categories on vehicle safety inspection forms reflect the stipulations of both the specific state and of the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. The NHTSA Highway Safety Guidelines require at least one vehicle safety inspection annually.