What Are Some Vehicle Paint Colors?


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The exact name of paint names for vehicles is decided by the manufacturer, so they can be different between makes and models. The most popular colors are shades of white and black, and 99 percent of vehicles come in distinctive shades of white, black, gray, red, blue, brown, yellow and green.

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Car manufacturers have considered paint names as part of marketing for decades. Paint names are often engineered so they sound desirable and trendy based on recent times. Off-white and silver felt a popular boom at the start of the 2000s because manufacturers paired their similar color with burgeoning technology devices at the time. Outside of popular trends, manufacturers often try to match the paint color with a luxurious and desirable lifestyle.

As of 2014, the current trend of paint naming is towards status and fashion, which spawns paint names that sound like they carry a reputation, such as "sterling silver" and "tuxedo black." Similarly, pairing colors with gemstones implies wealth and luxury, which is common among bold chromatic colors like "ruby red" and "sapphire blue." A traditional trend with plain white and black is to make the color seem pure and precious; "jet black" and "pearl white" are examples of this. There is also a growing trend to match colors with food, such as in "apple green" and "candy red."

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