How Do You Get Vehicle Ownership Information for Free?


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Get vehicle ownership information for free from AutoCheck, DMV.org and VehicleDataRegistry.com. These websites provide results about a vehicle's ownership history based on the license-plate number or vehicle identification number submitted.

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Searching a vehicle's ownership history with a valid license plate and state is an option if the VIN is hard to find or is unreadable, states AutoCheck. Users can enter the U.S. license-plate number and state, and once this information is submitted, the site returns records on that plate. Some searches may return multiple records, indicating that a vehicle owner has transferred the license plate from vehicle to vehicle, explains AutoCheck.

It is possible to obtain a vehicle-history report, avoiding the risk of buying used cars with costly hidden problems, from a nationwide database of VIN numbers, notes DMV.org. A vehicle's VIN number provides important information, such as the location of its original build and the type of engine. As of 1981, all vehicles have a VIN with 17 characters that can be used to find information about vehicle ownership.

It is also possible to look up nationwide VIN records at VehicleDataRegistry.com. A license-plate record search is also offered by the website. Results may include information such as vehicle history and the first and last name and address of the vehicle owner, states VehicleDataRegistry.com.

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