How Do You Get a Vehicle Appraised?


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To get a vehicle appraised, involve a certified professional who uses a checklist and a set of specialized tools to inspect the overall condition of the vehicle. He then takes the car for a test drive to evaluate the state of important components. The appraiser determines the average going rate for a particular vehicle using a computer application. After deducting expenses for reconditioning the vehicle, the appraiser determines the value of the car.

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The appraiser notes the vehicle’s make model and mileage to facilitate the appraisal process. He then walks around the vehicle, checking for dents, cracks, condition of the tires, the paintwork, fluids, and bumpers. Existing damages or discrepancies tend to lower the value of the vehicle, as does any degradation to the engine compartment. An appraiser checks inside and outside the car, noting its overall mechanical and aesthetic condition. He also checks the vehicle’s history using online resources such as AutoCheck.

The appraiser test-drives the vehicle to assess the operation of the odometer, the engine, brakes, alignment of the wheels and handling. He then checks the used car market to determine the wholesale price of comparable vehicles and makes deductionss from the value of the vehicle based on discrepancies found while appraising the car. If you intend to trade in the vehicle, the appraiser deducts the profit the dealer expects from the sale of the vehicle and provides its cash value.

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