What Are Some Various Suspension Components?


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Components of a car’s suspension include the springs, the shocks and the anti-roll bars. These parts prevent the car from shaking violently and keep the tires aligned while driving.

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The springs are the most important components of the suspension unit. They absorb the shock of driving over bumps, allowing the car to move relatively undisturbed. As the springs rebound, they release the stored energy, pushing the wheel back to the road.

Shock absorbers work in conjunction with the springs. They dampen the action of the springs by providing controlled resistance to the movement of the spring. This way, the springs compress easily to absorb the bump and release their energy more gradually.

Anti-roll bars work by equalizing the compression of the springs at both sides of either the front or rear of the car. This allows the vehicle to remain more flat while cornering, enabling higher cornering speeds and increasing the driver’s comfort.

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