What Is the Value of a Used Kubota L 3830 Tractor?

According to Tractor House, a preowned tractor and agricultural machine sales website run by Sandhills Publishing Company, a used Kubota L3830 tractor ranges in value from $13,950 to $27,000, depending on year, model, accessories and condition. The L3830 has five variants: the base model, the F, DT, GST and HST.

The F variant is a two-wheel drive tractor, while the others are four-wheel drive. The DT features an eight-speed transmission, while the GST has 12 gears. The HST, the high-end variant, features a variable-gear hydrostatic transmission. The L3830 were manufactured between 2003 and 2007, succeeding the Kubota L3710 model. The Kubota L3940 was the successor model of the L3830.