How Do You Find the Value of a Used Boat With BUCValu?

How Do You Find the Value of a Used Boat With BUCValu? offers an algorithm-based online form that uses information such as boat category, manufacturer, size and model year to guesstimate the value of any used boat, as of 2015. The details above are the only required fields, but more accurate results are attainable if additional information, such as condition, engine type, number of engines and boat type, is provided. The program is compatible with thousands of different boats, yachts and watercraft.

BUCValu results assume BUC condition (boat can sail without additional work) and the Mid Atlantic/Northeast region, unless otherwise specified. Engine value is generally included in the listed value, but outboard motors and racing sails are not. The search results are not reliable estimates of a boat's retail trade-in value, as each firm has its own overhead and expected profit margins. In cases when the company lacks enough data to provide a reliable estimate for a searched vessel, the program substitutes the most similar watercraft for which it has adequate data. This may lead to search results not being identical to the vessel searched.

The free consumer version of limits users to three unique watercraft searches per four-month period, offering unlimited additional searches for previously searched vessels for one year. The company also offers a subscription-based Professional service that abolishes the number restriction and handles certain variables better, such as outboard motors, racing gear and boat trailers. BUCValu also offers a Personalized Evaluation Service that uses comprehensive market analysis to determine the value of any boat with a very high reliability, though this option includes an added fee. The personalized service is the only way to estimate a custom made boat's value.