How Do You Value Your Car Using Hagerty Valuation Tools?


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To find the value of a vehicle by using Hagerty valuation tools, either enter the vehicle identification number into the Hagerty website, or choose the type, make, model and year of the vehicle. Either way, a link to the vehicle becomes available, and when clicked, opens the valuation page.

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The first result on the Hagerty valuation tool page is the average value of the vehicle. There is also a chart that shows the valuation of the vehicle over time. When looking at the chart, there are four different lines, each representing a different vehicle condition, from vehicle condition 1 to vehicle condition 4. The chart covers several years, which gives owners a good idea of how values of the vehicle change over time.

To find the approximate value of a vehicle, it is best to look at the condition of the vehicle and then compare it to the chart. For instance, a car that falls into the vehicle condition 1 category is as close to perfect as possible. This car must be perfectly clean, have mirror-like surfaces and be free of dust and dirt. On the other hand, a car that falls into the vehicle condition 4 category may have scratches, pitting or chips in the windshield. The interior may have cracks in the dashboard or split seams, and the overall car is fair in condition.

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