What Is Usually Involved in a Driving Test?

U.S. driving tests consist of a written exam, road test or both, and they generally cover driver improvement, defensive driving and drunk driver topics. Most states use similar Department of Motor Vehicle driving ability assessment criteria, encompassing parallel parking, proper observance of road signs and traffic lights, and the skill to stop a car cautiously when backing up.

In some states, aspiring licensed drivers who complete driver improvement courses need to pass only written tests. To prepare for driving tests, they should review the course materials and answer the quiz at the end of every chapter. Taking online practice driving tests helps drivers become accustomed to common test questions.

Aspiring licensed drivers should prepare all essential documents to get a driver's license and know about particular DMV driving ability assessment criteria in their sates to gain the required skills. It's a good idea to practice driving around the neighborhood with the help of a driving instructor to improve difficult skills.

Experts recommend visiting the DMV office that serves as the site of road tests to become familiar with the roads, the signs and the signals in the area. Because parallel parking and reversing are often the most difficult skills to master for a driving test, it helps to practice these skills during low-traffic periods.