What Are the Usual Problems With a Mazda CX-9?

Typical problems seen with the Mazda CX-9 include failure of the engine to start, regular brake wear, exploding rear windows, automatic transmission failure and noisy brakes. Other problems include water damage in the body control module, squeaking noises, fuel leakage and bad odors.

The Mazda CX-9 engine may fail to start if the oil is not changed frequently or due to a loss of lubrication to metal parts of the engine. Water pump failure and defective oxygen sensors can also cause similar problems. A faulty rotor, worn-out brake pads, and defective discs or drums can cause premature brake wear. A broken brake booster diaphragm can cause an unpleasant hissing sound from the Mazda CX-9 brakes.

A faulty strut bracket and hinge may loosen and cause shattering of the rear glass window. A defective air conditioning compressor can cause automatic transmission failure. A clogged or damaged sunroof drain can cause electrical problems in the water control module.

A worn out front strut mount causes a chirping or squeaking noise in the front of the vehicle when traversing bumps at low speeds. When some parts of the engine are covered in dirt, proper venting does not take place, increasing internal pressure. This can cause cracks and fuel leakage in the engine. A faulty caliper may cause a burning odor from the front of the Mazda CX-9.