Who Uses Work Utility Vehicles?


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Farmers, landscapers and others who work in professions that need to take care of care of a large, rugged area of land use work utility vehicles. Hunters, fishermen and wilderness explorers also use work utility vehicles for recreational purposes.

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Work utility vehicles resemble a hybrid between a golf cart and an SUV or off-road truck. These vehicles most commonly consist of a small truck bed and an open roll cage that encloses a driver and passenger, but some vehicles have optional fully enclosed cabs that sometimes feature heating and air conditioning systems. Intended for off-road use, work utility vehicles typically feature large tires and raised suspensions. Some models can also accommodate additional attachments for specific purposes, such as grass mowers, snow plow blades and sprayers that attach to the front of the vehicle.

Work utility vehicles are popular with workers in agricultural and landscaping professions due to their ability to transport equipment and supplies through the uneven terrain that characterizes many farm fields, large parks and similar locations. The ability of many work utility vehicles to accept attachments allows them to double as riding mowers or pesticide sprayers, cutting down on the need for specialized vehicles for these tasks. Work utility vehicles are also useful for park rangers and workers in other forestry-related professions for many of the same reasons.

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