What Are Some Uses for Marine Shrink Wrap?

Some uses for marine shrink wrap include protecting boats and other watercraft when they are in storage and protecting new boats during transport. The shrink wrap conforms to the surface of the boat creating a tough shell to prevent damage from the snow, rain, dust and debris.

Special dealers with the right tools usually apply marine shrink wrap. The boat or watercraft needs to be completely dry before the wrap is applied to prevent moisture damage. Vents in the wrap provide air circulation. A ridge or frame holds the wrap off the top of the craft at an angle that allows snow and moisture to slide off easily. After the frame is covered with the wrap, a heat gun shrinks the plastic to form a tight seal over the entire unit.

Many boaters and storage facilities apply shrink wrap to boats for the winter storage period. When boats are stored outdoors, the wrap provides protection from harsh weather and ultraviolet rays from the sun, and it keeps ice from accumulating directly on the surface of the boat during cold weather better than a simple tarp. The shrink wrap also reduces the risk of nicks and other minor damage to the body during transport or when the boat is stored in close proximity to other vehicles.