What Are Some Uses of High Temp RTV Silicone?


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Typical uses for high-temperature, room temperature vulcanized silicone include gasket replacements, sealants and car part molds. Companies such as Permatex, Reynolds Advanced Materials, TAP Plastics Inc. and Mosites Rubber Company produce high-temperature RTV silicone gasket and mold kits, as of 2015.

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The room temperature vulcanized designation of RTV silicone refers to the material's ability to cure without heat. The high-temperature type of RTV silicone offers heat resistance. Automotive systems needing this feature include oil pans, water pumps, and covers for valves, timing mechanisms and differentials. RTV silicone gasket-making kits create poured seals that withstand heavy use without damage, shrinking or displacement.

Used as a sealant, high-temperature RTV silicone provides durable exhaust repairs that stand up to the system's exposure to heat. Towing is a typical heavy-duty use that depends on the material's resistance to movement under stress.

Aftermarket manufacturers build RTV silicone molds to recreate parts in the aeronautics, marine and automotive industries. Hobbyists favor the kits for reproducing vintage car parts. Hard-to-find hubcaps, fiberglass side panels, unusual handles and knobs are some applications.

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