What Are Some Uses for a Chuck Wagon Utility Vehicle?

Chuck Wagon utility vehicles are designed for a variety of outdoor tasks on large properties such as farms, ranches, commercial properties and institutions. The Chuck Wagon is built with off-road driving capability, cargo hauling capacity and moderate towing capacity to assist with small scale tasks and transportation.

On farms and ranches, the Chuck Wagon can be used to transport tools and personnel throughout the property. Relatively small amounts of material such as livestock feed, manure, straw and seed can either be hauled in the dump bed or towed in a trailer. The Chuck Wagon has a 2-inch rear receiving hitch with a 1,100-pound towing capacity.

At commercial properties such as plant nurseries, the Chuck Wagon is useful for moving plant inventory or transporting employees throughout the property. The Chuck Wagon can be used to transport soil, mulch and plant material for display garden installations.

Institutions such as schools and medical facilities with outdoor landscapes often use utility vehicles like the Chuck Wagon. The Chuck Wagon is useful for maintenance tasks such as hauling green waste and transporting tools and fuel. The Chuck Wagon can be fitted with a snow plow for clearing sidewalks, parking lots and pathways on institutional grounds during the winter season.