What Are Some Uses for a 24-Volt Deep Cycle Battery?


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Use 24-volt deep cycle batteries to power marine vessels or recreational vehicles or use them for energy storage systems that store solar or wind-generated electricity. Deep cycle batteries typically discharge a greater percentage of their stored energy than starter batteries, which typically deliver short high-current bursts suitable for cranking an engine. These batteries are also used to power sump pumps, trolling motors and industrial machines like forklifts.

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Deep cycle batteries may discharge as much as 80 percent of their capacity over time and have thicker plates than starter batteries. Unlike the porous plates found in starter batteries, true deep cycle batteries use plates constructed from solid lead, which gives them less surface area. While these plates are unable to provide the instant power of a starter battery, they allow batteries to operate while discharging a greater degree of their overall capacity.

Motorized wheelchairs, traffic signals, the uninterrupted power supplies used with computer equipment and even golf carts and audio equipment may all use deep charge batteries of varying voltage. Typically, 24-volt deep charge batteries are more efficient than 12-volt options, which place greater load on the battery. The majority of deep charge batteries on the market today are lead-acid batteries, although batteries that use an electrolyte fluid in place of acid also exist.

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