Are Used Vintage Campers Still Street Legal?


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Used vintage campers are usually street legal as long as they meet all legal safety requirements. Some very old campers may need to be modified or restored to meet legal standards.

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Are Used Vintage Campers Still Street Legal?
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The legal requirements for street driving depend on the type of camper. Many vintage campers are trailers, which are required to meet the same standards as other trailers. This includes having working tail and brake lights. Most states also require safety precautions, such as safety chains on the hitch, and may require an electric emergency brake, which is designed to engage if the trailer becomes unhitched.

Vintage camper vans or motorhomes are also required to have working tail lights and brake lights, and they must have working headlights as well. They may be required to pass safety and/or emissions tests to be registered in some areas, but this is not universally required.

Vintage campers without titles can be extremely difficult to register, and registration is required for legal street driving. Although many states make exception to normal title requirements for these older vehicles, other states do require a title. People planning to buy a vintage camper should check registration requirements in their home state and make sure any vehicle they purchase comes with all necessary documentation.

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